Monday, August 6, 2012

Poetry Monday: Poetry Super Highway

Fifteen years ago, California poet Rick Lupert decided to create his own information superhighway (that is, a route for the high-speed transfer of information) centred around the sharing and proliferation of poetry. The site has since grown to almost epic proportions which is a testament to the number of people reading and writing poetry around the world. Poetry Super Highway, which is very much a global endeavour, has all sorts of fun stuff going on, including lots of poetry links, a newsletter, open readings, poets of the week and so on, but what keeps bringing me back is their great annual contest.  I've been a sponsor for quite a few years and am back this year for another round of fun. Entry fee is a modest buck, and believe it or not, every entrant gets a prize.  The top 3 scoring poets all win cash. Such a deal. You can enter here:

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  1. Ilove poetry- but I have never heard of this site. Thanks so much for the information. I look forward to checking it out!