Saturday, July 31, 2021

Compulsive Reader Newsletter - August

Hello readers.  The August Compulsive Reader Newsletter is now on its way to inboxes around the world and features eight new reviews and two new interviews, a literary news round up that includes the Arthur C Clarke Sci Fi book of the year, the 2021 Griffin Poetry Prize, the Miles Franklin and lots more, as well as three new giveaways for our subscribers.  If you are a subscriber you should be receiving your copy soon.  If not, there's still time!  Just go to and sign up on the right hand side - I only send one email a month and it's completely free.  We'd love to have you join our warm inclusive community of readers (no genre judgements here!).  If you can't wait or want to check out the issue first, visit:
to check out the issue in the archive.  Happy reading! 

Thursday, July 1, 2021

CR Newsletter for July is out


The July Compulsive Reader Newsletter is now out.  

This month's newsletter includes interviews with Nancy Business' RWR McDonald, A Cage Full of Monkey's Richard Souza, What a Wonderful World This Could Be's Lee Zacharias, as well as our Compulsive Reader Talk's guest Adam Aitken, who reads from and talks about his book 100 Letters From Home.  You can listen to that show directly here:

The newsletter also contains a bunch of fresh reviews, a big suite of reviews, four great giveaways, and our usual roundup of the month's literary news.  If you're a subscriber, the newsletter is on its way to your inbox.  If you can't wait, or didn't receive it, you can grab a copy in the archive here:

If you aren't a subscriber, go subscribe already! It's easy - just visit and enter your email address in the upper right hand box. 

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