Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interview with Donna McDine

Donna McDine is an award-winning children's author, and she's joined us today to talk about her venture Dynamic Media Release Services.  Donna, welcome! 

What made you set up Dynamic Media Release Services?
As I progressed in my writing career I started to learn the importance of marketing and what it entailed and one of the crucial components is writing an effective media release. As time went by one of the most voiced frustrations of authors was finding the time to market themselves and their books all the while still finding the time to write. A light bulb went off after spending a year at the Stories for Children Magazine as the marketing manager and realized this was the time to create this valuable service to others.

Why is writing a good release important?
Like blogging, developing a noteworthy and catchy title is instrumental in grabbing your reader’s attention. We live in such a high paced society many people scan the headlines first before sinking into the meat of an article. Very much like hooking an editor or publisher with a terrific opening line to your manuscript. Getting to the point quickly and not putting too much fluff into a media release is essential so you don’t loss the attention of the reader from the onset. 
What can you offer that individuals will find difficult to do themselves?
Since I am an author myself I know how difficult it is to edit out my own words. However, creating and editing another writer’s promotional material works for me with a fresh pair of eyes. Not being married to someone else’s words like my own makes this process flow quite simply.

Talk to me a bit about the process you go through for each person who uses your services.
Once initial contact is made I request the author to send me the following:
·         Book Sell Sheet
·         Synopsis
·         Book Reviews
·         Bio
While reviewing the documents I take notes to ask the client and depending on the client the next exchange of information is either conducted via email or telephone. It is completely up to the client what is more comfortable for them. Afterwards I write-up the draft media release and submit to the client for review. Upon approval by the client I submit the media release to various online media release sites. Once the email confirmations are received I forward to the client for their verification of posting and links. I also encourage the client to utilize their new media release in their online and print media kits and to distribute to their networks.

What is your ideal market?
I primarily work with children’s book authors at this time and I’m open to working with different types of clients.

Maggie, thank you for taking the time out to interview me, I look forward to interacting with your visitors.

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Tommorow my friend and colleague Virginia Grenier will be hosting Shelby Patrick.  If you enjoy author interviews and thought-provoking blog posts, you might like to check it out. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

When the water subsided

When the water subsided
air cleaned of whistle and fog
debris swept from lawns, roads
living rooms ghosts
flattened shingles and twisted metal  treasures
there was so much silence
the tap of your hand
on my arm
was a sonic boom
compressing every sound wave
into one
gigantic sigh.

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