Saturday, March 17, 2012

Black Cow Book Blog Tour Day 15: Author Showcase at Paper Dragon Ink

Today as part of the ongoing Black Cow Blog Tour, I'm the Author Showcase at Paper Dragon Ink talking about, among other things, my (many) influences and inspirations, my new projects, including a little promo on novel 3 and a very interesting project which has just involved the signing of a contract with an agent (more on that soon!), where I'll be when zombies take over the world, my kids' nickname for me, the one piece of writing I feel everyone should read before they die, a fact that most people wouldn't believe about me (it's true! I'll post up a picture one of these days to prove it), and lots of other really interesting tidbits.  Why not scoot on over and say hello (and of course also gain another entry into my tour draw).

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