Saturday, March 3, 2012

Black Cow Blog Tour Day 7: Sustainability in Fiction

Today I'm back in Australia to talk with the wonderful Simplicity Collective about sustainability in fiction. In something of an essay on the topic, I explore the key underlying theme of Black Cow.  "The book asks, within the context of its fictive truth, how we can, in the face of this increasing pressure to earn and spend, stop the madness, jump off the treadmill, and begin to live again — slowly, fully, creatively.  How do we create meaning in our lives, in spite of the ongoing onslaught of commercial messages that tell us to move faster, think less, and accept that we’re going to die early?" For the full piece, please drop by and visit the site and add your own comments. I highly recommend The Simplicity Collective, which is also cited in the novel's bibliography as it was a rich source of inspiration throughout my writing, with a wonderful array of excellent articles, owner Samuel Alexander's own book Voluntary Simplicity: The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture, which can be accessed at the site, and even a discussion forum.  If living more simply appeals to you, this is a top notch source.


  1. This sounds very interesting, even though I do find ways to live simply exactly where I am.

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