Sunday, August 9, 2015

Poetry Monday: Ali Cobby Eckermann on Inside my Mother

A few poetry monday’s ago, I did a little feature on Ali Cobby Eckermann.

Following on from that, my full review of her gorgeous book, Inside my Mother was featured on Compulsive Reader here:  Heres a little snippet from that review: “Inside my Mother is a beautiful and moving collection, full of gritty pain, transcendent joy, celebration of the land and its animals, grief for all that has been lost, and a transformative reconciliation, both in its political sense and in terms of coming to terms with personal wrongs.”

I’m never content to just read a book I like.  I also have to talk about it, re-read it a few times, analyse it, and chat with the author wherever possible (all part of the fun). This is especially true for poetry, where there’s nothing quite like listening to the poet read his or her own work.  Ali joined me today on my radio show to read from and talk about Inside my Mother as well as some of her other wonderful projects and you can now listen to the show anytime it suits you:

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