Friday, March 29, 2013

Sublime Planet Begins Celebration of Earth Day 2013 - Free Kindle Book

For the next 4 days, March 29 through April 2, Sublime Planet is free to download at Amazon!  The book features exquisite photography by Ann Howley, and award-winning ecological poetry by me and my co-author Carolyn Howard-Johnson.  You can hear me read the title poem here:

Kristin Johnson has just published the following wonderful review: "Delving into this collection of poetry feels like starting from the famous ... image of Earth from space, and then jumping headfirst into a Google Earth armchair voyage to distant corners and familiar spaces, a verse trip into scientific and emotional depths. No security checkpoints needed here, no airline tickets, no cruise ships. Your passport is imagination, issued by the mind and the world. The passport stamps read "...the crocodile icefish/has an oyster-white heart--not red" (Howard-Johnson's "Transparent Love Song"), or "Ten metres high/cracking the bleached dunes of memories" ("These Heavy Sands"), or other free verse exotic ports of call. This poetry has the 'Wow' factor, and it's clear that these two inspire each other, their quiet but penetrating observations on our fragile yet vibrant planet meshing and complementing each other. This book of poems does more than a hundred shrill eco-screeds to awaken us to concern for the world, for water scarcity, for the Pacific Garbage Patch and trashtrees, for endangered species and tree victims of forest fires, the changing of the weather. Our planet is poetry, as this collection so adroitly proves."  But don't take her word for it.  Go grab yourself a copy here:
It's absolutely free (but not for long!).

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