Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spirals and autographs


take that
a dirty incoherence of numbers and letters
your identity
crushed into a spiral galaxy
empty of dark matter
an absence of darkness
your exotic invisible substance

some would call that ‘light’
shake unwashed hair
and swear
no such thing exists

you hold tight to darkness
the hardening addiction
that clinks
against the side of your glass
each night as your hand drops
in spiralling slumber

rotation slows as you move
further out
from the crowded inner reaches
of your galactic core
motions sedated
gravity weakening
it might be the big bang’s
that leaves you gasping for air
a stone’s throw
from one galaxy full of dark matter
to another full of light
as you drift into another
dark sleep

"Spirals" references Messier 94, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici, and is taken from the book Repulsion Thrust.  If you'd like a personalised autograph for your Kindle copy of Repulsion Thrust (or for one you buy for a science/poetry loving pal as a pressie) just click on the link below. If you prefer a hard copy, drop me a line and I'll post out an autographed bookplate. 

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