Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Going Deeper Into the Pond

Deeper Into the Pond: A Celebration of Femininity (Volume 1)
The new poetry book that Carolyn Howard-Johnson and I have been working on is finally out!  Deeper Into the Pond is the latest in our award winning Celebration Series, focusing this time on the whole notion of femininity, with a slight feminist bent.  I'm also especially excited about this book because if features our gorgeous award winning cover art by the multi-talented Jacquie Schnell.  You can see a sample of it to the left.  I haven't yet seen the books, but Carolyn tells me they're gorgeous - perfect for gift giving (instead of a card, which was, of course, the point).  Here's a little sample.  

Minerva Dressing

Lavinia Fontana, 1613

There’s no rush today
in full possession of your rounded body
you lift your mantle
though it’s heavy with war and wisdom
handwoven through sheer fabric.

This is your paradox
the soft transparency of your armour
protects the innocent lines of your face
against the dreams of a child
fingering your helmet
pain and loss disturbing your reverie.

With the falling of dusk
the owl hoots
your time is already past
the child grown
wisdom folded with your hair
into the hard shield and sharp spear
the future always biting
into that soft, smooth
moment of pause.


  1. Ah - that is so good - very skilful and evocative, even without the picture. Excellent use of the line break as punctuation. Well done.
    The name Minerva is very special to me at the moment - perhaps we'll all find out why next year!

    Congratulations on the launch.

  2. Oh, gosh. With all the work we did on this together, I never looked up the artwork that inspired your ekphrastic poem, Maggie. It's all the more meaningful now.

    And thanks to Jacquie for making this such a lovely publishing experience.