Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twitterview with Gary Eby

magdalenaball: Hi Gary, I'm here, and ready to roll. Shoot a question at me and I'll answer as best as I can.

qlcoach Great! Welcome. Please introduce yourself to our friends on Twitter: G

magdalenaball: I'm Magdalena, writer, reviewer, mother, juggler. Author of Repulsion Thrust (poetry), Sleep Before Evening (fiction), and more.

magdalenaball: I'll talk Repulsion Thrust (latest). It's science inspired poetry: seeking answers to the human condition through Quantum Physics.

qlcoach Very interesting. So how can we improve the "human condition"? G

magdalenaball: Poetry is rarely didactic. I'm not sure there are any improvement tips! I do believe in the power of art though on many levels

magdalenaball: what I will say is that I think poetry can often bridge the communication gulf. Getting from what I mean to what you hear is hard, and metaphor (cheating I know) can bridge that gulf instantly - like music, or visual art.
magdalenaball: and I believe that communication (EM Forster's 'Only Connect') is at the heart of improving the 'human condition'. How's that?

qlcoach Yes, I agree. I have also discovered that many people get stuck on the negative side to life. Can poetry lift them out ? G

magdalenaball: I think most therapy works through naming and identifying the source of pain, and poetry can do that without over simplifying.   

qlcoach Yes you are right: Anyway to shine a Light on the darkness, helps us to move forward. G

magdalenaball: being a poet I don't take well to the usual affirmations, but it definitely helps to find words, even if those words are metaphors.

qlcoach Year after year books are published promising happiness, joy, prosperity, etc. They just don’t tell us how to do it. G

magdalenaball: Happiness, joy, prosperity are all relative words. They're meaningless without a personal context - otherwise there's never enough.

qlcoach Excellent point. I believe there are many access points to the creative Light within. G.

magdalenaball: Yes. My novel Sleep Before Evening was a portrait of why a creative life is critical and the impact of stifling creativity.

magdalenaball: Tell me about The Eby Way. How did you go from coaching to book and back?
qlcoach Thanks for that question.The Eby Way, is a self-help guide to overcoming past dark secrets so we can achieve our goals today.

qlcoach Have been a social worker for 40 years. Wanted to share with people a self-help process to overcoming all that's negative. G

qlcoach You can also learn four simple steps to a more positive life.

magdalenaball: tell me about the self-help process. Is it something novel/new? Or do you combine a range of approaches? What does it solve?

qlcoach The Eby Way: face stressful feelings; use positive thoughts; take positive action; turn to positive power. G.

qlcoach People can find out more about my work and watch The Eby Way Video: G.

qlcoach So, where can people go online to get some samples of your work? G

magdalenaball: for samples and more information. Anything else you want to add?

qlcoach Here’s the real secret: as long as your heart or mind or body remembers that negative incident long ago, change will be hard.

magdalenaball: Good secret. Do we move beyond that through facing it and seeing it for what it is? Maybe that's the poetry component...

qlcoach What do you think about our Twitter interview process?

magdalenaball: Interesting. I'm not normally succinct, so good discipline. Fun, and relatively easy/intuitive. Will post a transcript on the blog.

qlcoach Excellent. Thanks. I'll go and check it out. I'll also post a transcript of this interview on my blog as well. Any final thoughts or comments? G.

magdalenaball: Just a big thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I'm sure we'll talk again. Best wishes with everything.

qlcoach The same to you! Please stay in touch. And here's to VBT too! Peace and Light....Gary.

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