Tuesday, June 1, 2021

CR Newsletter for June has gone out!

Hello readers, happy June!  The Compulsive Reader newsletter has now gone out and should be coming shortly to your inbox.  This month features reviews of great books by authors like Adam Aitken, Judith Skillman, Jodi S. Rosenfeld, Oliver Smuhar, and many others along with interviews with Sherra Aguirre, Felix Holzapfel, Paolina Milana and, on the podcast, our Compulsive Reader Talks interview with Michael J Leach https://anchor.fm/compulsivereader/episodes/Michael-J-Leach-on-Chronicity-e11de4o)

We also have three new giveaways for our subscribers! 

If you can't wait for it to arrive, you can view it in your browser.  To subscribe, visit http://www.compuylsivereader.com

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