Monday, February 1, 2016

Compulsive Reading for Feb

The Feb edition of The Compulsive Reader newsletter has now been delivered all subscribers.  It contains two brand-new book giveaways (for subscribers only), ten new reviews, including great books by Jarrett Kobek, Rebecca Starford, Guido Mina di Sospiro, Charlene Jones, Holly Seddon, a superb new poetry collection by Anna Kerdijk Nicholson, Hank Philipi Ryan, Peter James, Rebecca Scherm, and Jim Proser.  We also have a roundup of the global literary news that happened through January (I comb the trade journals and read all those press releases that come my way so you don’t have to). If you’ve missed your copy or want a preview, please feel free to grab a copy from our archive. If you’re not a subscriber, why not visit The Compulsive Reader and sign up.  It’s free, you can unsub anytime, and we just send out one newsletter a month - nothing else.  Happy reading!

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  1. Dear Magdalena (if I may), thank you for calling THE METAPHYSICS OF PING-PONG a great book, though I'm afraid your reviewer would not entirely agree. Forgoing any vis polemica, and having been a reviewer myself for years, and still being an occasional one, I have found that a good modus operandi is to ask oneself whether of not the author, or film director, or musician, has achieved what he or she set out to achieve. If that has been the case, then one's agreeing or disagreeing with their approach or ideas is beside the point. Materialists will have trouble with THE METAPHYSICS OF PING-PONG because, here and there, it deals with things that do not meet the eye. But guess what: they exist, and that's why, among many other things, we wash our hands! Moreover, there is quite a bit of humor in the book, starting with the title. Having said that, I wish you and your blog, which I have been following for years now, the very best.