Thursday, December 31, 2015

Compulsive Reader is 17 years old!

Hi fellow readers and happy new year to you! Can you believe that The Compulsive Reader  is 17 years old?  Internet years are like dog years, so I’m a bit proud of the site’s longevity and rapid growth.  It has been an amazing journey from our very humble beginnings to our current stage with nearly 10,000 subscribers (all book lovers), and some 20 exceptional reviewers from around the world. This month’s newsletter has the usual glut of literary news including the winner of the Bad Sex in Fiction award (always an annual favourite, though not with the winner - who was especially bad tempered about it this year),  the Grammys for best spoken book, the Australian Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, and much more.  We also have reviews of some exceptional new books including The Last Wife of Attila the Hun by Joan Schweighardt, Seven by Antonio J. Hopson, Fainting with Freedom by Ouyang Yu, an interview with Welcome to the Arms Race’s Justin Isis, a review of the album Diawara & Fonseca’s At Home (Live in Marciac), and a whole bunch more.  You should be receiving it shortly if you haven’t already but if you can’t wait, or if it got diverted, just grab a copy in our Archive.  Happy reading and all the best for a joyous, book-filled 2016.

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