Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's a hellava town

Though it has been some 28 years since I've lived in NYC, and I've probably spent more time living in other places - I grew up mostly on Long Island rather than in the city centre, and have been in the UK and Australia for several decades, I'm afraid I'll always think of myself as a New Yorker.  NY populates my dreams, forms a kind of underlying sense of identity for me, and was a key setting of my first novel Sleep Before Evening, and it's always so strange for me to return as a tourist. Speaking of novels, I've just finished reading rutherfurd's New York and enjoyed it very much. I was surprised (though probably shouldn't have been) at how much of the history of my own home town and the country I grew up in that I didn't know.  This last leg of my trip is going to be the most full - I'm trying to set a world record for how much I can pack into 4 days.  However, if you're plannng to be at the Strand this week, drop me a line. 

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