Friday, June 22, 2012

If it's Friday it must be Boca

Hello Blogsters. Today I'm in sunny (especially compared to wintery NSW) Florida. If you've been waiting for a review from me, the chances are that I finally read your book on my lovely light Kindle during the 14 hour flight to LA, or the 10 or so hours to get from LA through Atlanta and Miami. It's in long flights like this where the Kindle really holds its own against tree books. Though the carry-on restrictions are severe, I'm still packing about 100 books that I've been pretty anxious to read.  I probably won't be doing much blogging or social networking while overseas, since my schedule is frantic, but you never know. Can I pretend I'm on an exclusive all-expenses paid book tour doing readings at fantastic venues around the country? I probably will do a few readings during my 'tour',  though only open to a very select few :-). If you happen to be in Boca Raton or thereabouts this coming week, drop me a line and assuming I've got my netbook working, I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, you can catch the next leg of my tour when I visit the most smartest city in the USA.  Any ideas of where that might be?  You'll just have to wait to find out...

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