Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black Cow book launch!

Fellow Bookworms

The wait is over:
Black Cow is now officially available! You can get it at Amazon (discounted!), BeWrite's website, Book Depository (with free worldwide shipping!), other online retailers, and local bookstores on request - hip hip hooray! I hope this book entertains, moves, and stimulates you. Want a sneak peek? Here's a free excerpt! We're shooting for the bestseller list this week, so if you have it in your heart and wallet to buy, now's the time! See below for all the ways you can help. Today's the day when I hit the virtual road for my international book blog tour (no plane tickets needed and no suitcase restrictions). The tour kicks off at Kathy Stemke's place where I'll be talking characterisation in picture books. Please tune in and share your comments, questions, etc - as I intend to answer every question.  Throughout late Feb and all of March, I'll be visiting a wide range of radio shows, blogs, websites, and even doing a little video at some of the most exciting virtual venues in town, followed up by an in-person Australian launch at the Hunter Writers Centre to which, of course, you're all invited.

Black Cow Book Launch 24 Feb to 29 March 
Throughout the launch, any tweets, comments, or Facebook links you put up will go into a draw to win a number of autographed bookpacks, electronic sets, and limited edition signed promotional items like magnets, stickers, bookmarks, postcards, and even a tote bag!  If you'd like to help make Black Cow hit the bestseller list, here are ways you can show the love this week. Big hugs and deep bows in advance!

1) Buy it while it’s hot! Please purchase between Feb 24 and 31 March if at all possible. It's available at Amazon at a nice discount, and other online retailers. If you've bought it already, grab another copy for your family and friends! I've got some lovely owl bookplates available and I'd be more than happy to custom autograph them for you and send them, no charge, anywhere in the world, for the perfect personalised gift.

2) Tweet! Tweet! and Retweet! Chirp about Black Cow (use #blackcow) and cut and paste this link to buy:

3) Update your Facebook status with Black Cow news and provide the link

4) Write a Black Cow review in your blog or newsletter. Share your reflections, generate discussions, and post the link.

5) Contact me for media and book club requests.  Drop me a line and I'll be happy to come and talk to your book club (via Skype anywhere in the world or in person if you live nearby), write an article for your blog or magazine, or do an interview on your show.  For review requests, please contact me directly, or my publisher Neil Marr ntmarr[at]

Check out Website for more info about the book including bookclub notes, an excerpt and more.

Thank you very much for your support!  Magdalena

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