Sunday, October 16, 2011

Extreme Reading

I'll read anywhere.  Even on a windy sand dune with
pockets and shoes stuffed full of sand, and children's voices mingling with hungry gulls in the background. Here I am reading John Flanagan's last Ranger's Apprentice book number 11: The Lost Stories.  I've got an interview with John next week and although I wouldn't normally be drawn to these kinds of 'boys own' adventures, my twelve year old loves them and I agreed to read the books and interview John on his behalf.  I have to say that I've been enjoying the books very much, even to the point of ignoring my kids shouts to come and roll down the dunes with them (um, tempting as that was), since I had to see what Rangers Halt and Will did next.  I did eventually put the book away and made it up and down the giant dunes multiple times, Will and Halt accompanying me all the while. 

I like encorporating the scene of my reading into the whole fictive experience.  Sitting in a beautiful remote landscape (and this one was truly beautiful) while reading about smashbuckling daring deeds is part of the fun.  The wind in my hair mirroed the wind in my characters' hair as they rode their talking horses, and fought battle after battle against pirates, roamers, "moondarkers" and highway robbers, leaving their world a safer place.  Where's the wildest place you've ever read?  The most inhospitable or exquisite conditions?  Do you require a 'fine and private place' to read or can you drop everything anywhere and dip into that lovely fictive world? 


  1. I must say, I like my comforts when I'm reading. A comfy chair, a pot of tea readily accessible, no external distractions.

    I've tried to read in the 'wilds' before but I found myself neglecting the words for the view, or for the pleasure of sitting still with my eyes closed and simply breathing it all in.

    'sides which, sand and I don't get along. Nasty stuff gets into everything!

    What a wonderful phrase, 'fictive world'!

  2. I love to read and can pretty much read anywhere. I have been known to read while pumping gas- especially if I am at a good part. I read on the beach, boats, in cars, on planes, during blizzards, when it is noisy, etc. I really enjoyed this post! Good for you for reading a book your son is interested in!

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    Take care-
    Jess- although I may show up as Fairday, the main character from my novel. I can't figure out how to fix it. :)