Friday, September 16, 2011

Marketing Workshop: Creating and Building Your Author/Writer Online Presence

The Free Muse Online Writers Conference is just about here: October 3rd through October 9th, and Karen Cioffi and I will be presenting a week-long workshop for the conference.

Here are the details:

Workshop Title: Creating and Building Your Author/Writer Online Presence:
From Website Creation to Beyond Book Sales
Presenters: Karen Cioffi and Maggie Ball
Date: October 3 -9
Register today at:


As an author or writer, it’s a certain bet that you have something to sell; it may be your book, your skills, or your experience and knowledge. In order to sell what you’re offering, you need to create and build your online presence. Join Maggie Ball and Karen Cioffi and learn: how to create an effective website; how to create effective content and what to do with it; a bit about SEO and keywords; how to create a podcast; how to create an e-book; how to create Buy Now buttons on your site; and how to attract customers.

Here is the breakdown of the daily topics from October 3rd to the 9th:

3A. The Bare-Bottom Basics (Creating a Website)
3B. Creating Content
4. Article Marketing
5. A Bit About SEO and Keywords
6. Podcasting
7. Creating e-books for Freebies and for Sale
8. Creating ‘Buy Now’ Buttons for Your Site/s
9. Attracting Customers Through Informational Marketing

The week-long conference is free and this will be an information packed marketing workshop with an extensive workbook and lots of goodies. I hope to see you there. And, there will be lots of other writing and marketing workshop, live chats, and manuscript pitching opportunities - it's really an event all writers can benefit from.

So, click on the link and register today:

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