Friday, March 4, 2011

Free books for E-readers

Read an E-Book Week is March 6-12, 2011 and that means lots and lots of freebies.  I'm not one to miss out on a chance to get my work in the hands of readers (I don't want your money honey, I want your love), so, my writing partner Carolyn Howard-Johnson and I have decided to offer all of the books in our celebration poetry series for the sensational price of $0.  Yup, that's free: free as in freebird, freebie and the bean, freewheeling.  To get your hands on these beauties, just drop by Smashwords and pick the books you want. Coupon codes to reduce the price to $0 are provided on each book's page.

If you have any difficulties there, just send me an email asking for what you want and as long as I get it during Read an E-Book Week, your books will be with you faster than you can say Gutenberg.  Want more? You can visit the official Read an E-Book Week site started by Rita Y. Toews in 2004 for a big list of partners, publishers, authors and more, all offering a range of freebies and really good offers, including my own terrific publisher BeWrite Books who is offering a gobsmackingly good deal of two free books from their catalogue to anyone who buys an ebook or treebook from any publisher at any bookstore, online or brick-and-mortar during the week (with additional goodies if you buy from them).  Considering how inexpensive ebooks are (Amazon is still offering Repulsion Thrust for .99c), that's an offer hard to beat.  If you need any more incentive, how about the fact that no trees are killed in the manufacture of ebooks (yes, they're green), the fact that you can read in bed at night without a light, the increasingly beautiful display as e-ink becomes prevalent, the fact that a single e-reader can hold thousands of books (apparently a 16GB iPad can hold 16,384 average books if it contains nothing else...), and maybe the most important and least well promoted benefit is that you can change the font to suit your eyesight and as technology improves, add audio.  For an aging population, this is particularly important. 

Are you still here?  Go on (fly fingers fly) and get your books.   Happy reading!


  1. Love free. Love your "Fly, fingers, fly!" Love the combination of free + e-books + chapbooks!

  2. HI Magdalena, I was featured on Dallas Woodburn's blog and read your entry and loved it. Dealing with rejection is just as bad as having a car wreck. I need to allow myself plenty of time for a pity party and pretend to quit writing. Then I trudge back to the trenches! Will pick up your ebooks - thanks for the great promotion!