Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free Books all week!

It's Read an E-Book Week!  From March 7-13th, retailers, authors, and publishers are urging you to get hold of, and read their books for free, or deeply discounted.  This is read an ebook week's 7th year, and creator Rita Toews has gathered together a welter of resources, free books, and tools to help you read an e-book (or two).  So where do you go to get your books and begin exploring the future of reading?

Firstly, there's Rita's own site: which has lots of information and an online bookstore chock full of freebies from participants.

You can drop by my interview with Mark Coker at blogtalkradio and hear us talk about the implications and future of ebooks.

You can pick up my books Sleep Before Evening and Repulsion Thrust for whatever you want to pay (including nothing!) from my publisher's site at Smashwords. If you do decide to pay anything, all proceeds will go to the Red Cross effort on the earthquake-devastated island of Haiti. 

You can get hold of my poetry collaborations with Carolyn Howard-Johnson Cherished Pulse and She Wore Emerald Then for free at:

And above all, you can celebrate the diversity and availability of the written word, in all its forms and variations.  Enjoy!


  1. I'm excited about this, Maggie. You know how frugal I am. (-: But I think authors benefit in the long run from exposure like this--even monetarily. So let's have some fun.

  2. Sure authors benefit from their offers of freebies and cheapies, Carolyn. Word-of-mouth recommendation is perhaps the most effective form of promotion there is, and spreading around a few free ebooks is a great way to set the ball rolling.

    Giving away your books, though, still involves great generosity of spirit. Too many ebook authors this week will tot up their lost potential royalties instead of joining in the genuine effort to promote ebook reading in general and their own titles in particular.

    Good luck Maggie. Neil