Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you Australia

It was 20 years ago today...that my husband and I arrived in Australia as wide eyed migrants.  It was Australia Day, and we didn't know it, so were pleased at the great reception of flags and parties which we thought were just for us.  20 years on and we're rooted here - a country whose welcome has turned into the sort of relaxed familiarity that means home.  Today we enjoyed several hours at the gorgeous Catherine Hill Bay beach (image shown) where we enjoyed, free of charges, surf, sun, sand and camaraderie (along with a superb lifeguard patrol). What a place. "It's wonderful to be here; it's certainly a thrill." Thanks Australia.


  1. Wonderful to hear how happy you all are. Sending this to my own Oz family and friends ... just to remind 'em, Maggie, how lucky they should feel (not that they need to be reminded). Love to y'all. Here's to the next two decades and to Australia Day 2030. Neil

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