Friday, September 4, 2009

A poem for all you fathers out there (in the UK and Aus at least)

Virtually enhanced

take one unshaven

effort laden

mulishly right, but rarely listened to

sleep deprived

alpha male

comfortable (only just)

in the corner (for now)

bepapered, slippered

classic father figure

enhanced by terror

oxytocin (yes, men too)

pushing out serotonin

(love, if you will)

from the prefrontal cortex

down the sliding pond

log chopping

arms of care

add (slowly)

ascorbic acid, genetic modification

cybernetic implants

and evolution

the inevitable virtual future

we’re all leaning into

if only we can find the app

all that biological programming

down the khazi

of history

Homo Superior

I liked you best the old way

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