Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poetry for your mother (freebie too)

Just in time for Mother's Day, She Wore Emerald Then is free, but only until May 1st.  This book was a USA Book News Best Books Award Finalist, and won an honorable mention from the Military Writers Society of America.

JR Mcrae called She Wore Emerald Then:
"A book of finely cut gems to hold, admire, let their multi-facets flash their messages to mind, and the fine sharp edges of each plane hold the image indelibly. The poets take us either side of motherhood and all the pain and joy held in between"
Helena Harper said: "the reader is taken on a journey from the sublime to the commonplace and you can't help but smile".

Here's a sample poem:

In the restless night
when mortality lurks in every shadow
the blanket won’t cover your fear
and morning is a half-forgotten dream
vague and uncertain,
slink into my bed
the pillow holds a mother’s secret
whispered charm
you can sink your head into.

There are no demons here;
no whirlwind of memory and anticipation clouding sleep
only eternal warmth
a shared space
free from the ticking illusion
of time, motion, and change.

Here, where you are always welcome
nothing matters
except this peace
this place
containing every possible now.

For a free copy just visit here:  There's still time to get hold of a paperback version as well, which can be popped into an envelope for mailing.

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  1. Magdalena, this is one of my favorite poems from our book! It made me think of how my mother's bed always smelled like her Pond's cold cream--but I thought it was perfume. (-: