Friday, May 31, 2019

CR Newsletter for June is out!

June's Compulsive Reader newsletter has just gone out, and as usually is overloaded with literary news (including the Pen/Faulkner, the Women's Prize for Fiction, the Four Quartets, and the Miles Franklin), a bunch of new reviews and interviews including The Book of Dirt by Bram Presser (and don't forget to check out our interview with Bram here:, Known by Salt by Tina Mozelle Braziel, The Age of Fibs by Beth Spencer, and of course our very popular giveaways for subscribers (we have 2 this month!).  If you missed the newsletter, maybe it is in your junk folder?  Or just go here and grab a copy:  CR Archive

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

CR Newsletter for April is out!

Hi readers!  Our April newsletter has now gone out.

This month’s reviews include The Intimacy of Strangers edited by Philip Porter and Andy Kissane, We Have Been Lucky in the Midst of Misfortune by Sarah Stern, Above an Abyss: Two Novellas by Ryan Masters, Quill of the Dove by Ian Thomas Shaw and many others as well as interviews, news roundup and of course our super-popular book giveaways.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

CR Newsletter for March is out

I have no idea what happened to me in Feb.  The newsletter went out, but I forgot to blog about it, or anything else for that matter, but the Newcastle Writers Festival is coming so I’ll have to get my bloggy fingers warmed up.  The March issue has now gone out and if you haven’t received it by now, you’re either not subscribed (in which case, go sign up already--it’s free:  We have another great giveaway, a roundup of global literary news, 10 fresh reviews including books by Angela Mitchell, Colin Thiele, Jeffrey Perso and many others, as well as an interview with Judith Skillman, and also a new interview with the fabulous Anne Casey on our CR Talks podcast.  If you want to check it out, you can grab a copy here: CR Newsletter March

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

CR Newsletter for Jan is out

Happy new year readers!  Compulsive Reader is now 21 years old!  Internet years are like dog years, so I’m very proud of how long CR has been operating and the worldwide network of readers we’ve built over the years.  The January newsletter has now gone out with ten fresh reviews including new books by Filip Severin, Michael David Blanchard, Jendi Reiter, David Sklar and many others (we’re now at 2,331 reviews!), a fantastic new giveaway of an autographed copy of With Walt Whitman Himself in the Nineteenth Century, In America by Jean Huets, December’s most exciting literary news roundup, and more.  If you’ve missed it, you can grab a copy in the archive here:

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Soft Launch High Wire Step

On the 16th of December, Flying Island Books held a wonderful Poet’s Picnic in which several books from the new Pocket Poets series were launched.  I’m very honoured that my new book High Wire Step was part of the launch, along with Toby Fitch’s ILL LIT POP and Danny Gentile’s The Icicle Tree. My husband very kindly read out the launch speech that Beth Spencer, who had last minute car trouble, wrote.  Beth’s speech was rich and moving, and will hopefully be printed in full at some point. Here’s a tiny excerpt: 
"This is a history … not in the sense of it being always faithfully corresponding to events and facts, but in the sense of it being true. True to a way of experiencing the world. I love the way the leaps create space that allows us to weave into it our own stories.. and our own emotions…or something beyond that… something beyond the culturally scripted response that is emotion  to something like a colour or a sensation, a burning.”

The book (and more info) is now available for sale here: High Wire Step and will also be (hard) launched in Newcastle at the Newcastle Writers’ Festival in April. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

CR Newsletter for Dec

Hi everyone, Compulsive Reader news for Dec is now out.  This month’s issue features a great new giveaway for subscribers, interviews with Ber Carroll, Tom Maremaa, and Imogen Edward-Jones, as well as a bunch of new reviews for books such as my heart crumples like a coke can by Ali Whitelock, The Usual Story by Libby Sommer, All The Answers by Michael Kupperman, Writing a Novel by Faber Academy’s Richard Skinner and many others as well as our roundup of literary news for the month.  If you haven’t gotten yours, you can grab a copy from the archive here: Compulsive Reader Archive and if you’re not a subscriber, sign up here:  Happy reading!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

CR Newsletter for November

Compulsive Reader’s November newsletter has now gone out to subscribers.  This month’s newsletter has the usual literary news roundup, a bunch of fresh new reviews including Markus Zusak’s 12-years-in-the-making new book Bridge of ClayThread For Pearls by Lauren Speeth, New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction edited by James Thomas and Robert Scotellaro, Normal People by Sally Rooney, and many others as well as a terrific interview with The Second Cure’s Margaret Morgan, and of course some fantastic book giveaways for our happy subscribers.  If you want to check it out, go to: Compulsive Reader Newsletter November, or to subscribe, for free of course, visit and sign up on the upper right hand side.  No horrible captchas or too much info required - just your name and email and you’re in.