Saturday, May 4, 2013

Poems for the Planet: Headlining the Arts Page at the Pasadena Weekly

My co-author (and promotion maven) Carolyn Howard-Johnson has secured us the front page of the Pasadena Weekly Arts section.  The piece talks about our unlikely (because of the physical distance between us), but highly successful collaborations, our Celebration Series of poetry books, our contrasting styles, how we develop the themes and work together despite the Pacific ocean between us, and our new ecologically oriented, full-length book of poetry Sublime Planet.  Of the collaboration, JeRu says: "Magdalena and Carolyn are the ideal combination - two poets whose words beautifully complement each other, whose poems twine around the auditory and 'literary' senses to create a collection as balanced as the pearl in a perfectly graduated string!  I think that our continued output probably is a testiment to that.  We're currently working on a food oriented collection.  Should be a good excuse for some gastronomic research.


  1. Super awesome! Congratulations :)

  2. This Pasadena Weekly feature was fun doing! It's always good if we bring more attention to the state of the planet...and poetry. (-:

  3. Lovely article, I enjoyed it a lot. Good luck, Dianna Bellerose