Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CR Newsletter for March is out

The March issue of Compulsive Reader News is now out.  It should be in your in-box right now, but if for some reason your spam filters have blocked it :-( (something about the word compulsive seems to trigger it), you can get a copy right here: Compulsive Reader News March.  This month’s issue features the usual welter of literary news, 10 fresh reviews, including my take on Joanne Burns’ very challenging book brush, an interview with The Poser’s Jacob Rubin, Michael Faber’s The Book of Strange New Things, and plenty of others to tempt you to expand your TBR list.  We’ve also got a couple of very nice giveaways - including The Poser and Girl Underwater by Claire Kells, who is also interviewed this month.  Don’t miss it (and if you’re not getting it and should be, let me know...)

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