Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poetry Monday: Kate Fagan's First Light

I often find it hard to choose between, as Joyce put it, modalities of the audible or visible. Kate Fagan gives us both. Her new poetry book First Light is a textual offering - a classic book of poetry. The work is sensual, experimental, complex and yet still very rooted in the simplicity of immediate experience. Here is a little bit of "Circa 1927: Realising Belief":

I saw you
standing with the jacarandas,
siren of a new present

as though feeling
could not be pacified by number
and shone replete in things

We are here - only here.
Hill, bucket, river that fills
and empties in a pool at my feet.

And for those of you seeking a little auditory pleasure, here is Kate's exercising her gorgeous voice on "Clear Water":

"I thought of you and I longed to be safe..."

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