Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poetry Monday: Earth Day Poem

It's Earth Day today. I'm not usually a 'tree hugger' as such (though the bark on some of the eucalypts around my house is so smooth, it's tempting), but our Goldilocks planet is a pretty incredible place, and I've been doing some intense reading (and a little writing) on the current state of play, and thought that, for today, I'd provide an environmental poem from an upcoming collection I'm working on with my poetry partner Carolyn Howard-Johnson.  We were actually hoping to have the book ready to launch this year on Earth Day, but we since attracted the attention of an agent for our foodie poetry book (Persephone's Juicy Jewels - more on that soon), and have been focusing our poetic attention.  Nevertheless, Earth Day it is and environmental poetry you shall have. 

Tipping Point

From a stable equilibrium
hands outstretched
sunshine lights your hair
molten gold
melts to horizon
changing light to dark
day to night.

Your young eyes flash
warming the room
the house
the planet

with growth comes hunger
rumbling guts
gnaw your insides
you eat and eat through
four billion years of evolution
now held loosely
by one thread.

When our fingers touch
electricity crackles
static charge connection
in a moment's pause
between past and present
the highway
and the road
fork held high
paused, undetermined
a crossroad.

The future
waits impatiently
your decision.

1 comment:

  1. Lovverly poem. :)

    ... I do think we're well over the tipping point though. Too much has happened for the genie to be shoved back in the bottle.

    The trick now is to gather enough momentum to start the see-saw going the other way, before Mother Earth decides she's had enough of 'intelligent' aerobic life and does something Herself.