Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Black Cow Book Blog Tour day 20 (last day!): Writing Regional Fiction for an International Audience

This is the last day of my blog tour for Black Cow.  I've been all over the world and met loads of people - just like a physical tour, but without jetlag.  On this, my last day, I'm in France with Lorraine Mace, author of The Writer's ABC Checklist, guest blogging on writing regional fiction for an international audience.  "For me, writing as an expat American in an Australian environment for a global audience can raise issues around regional versus international writing, at least in my own mind.  Do I use a vernacular? Do I follow the linguistic conventions of the story's setting, changing, like a chamelion, to suit my characters and their environment? Or should I stick to the conventions of the country I'm writing in and about?" Drop by Lorraine's blog and say hello and get one last entry in our blog tour comp - I'll be choosing winners tomorrow after I go through the massive tabulation process.  

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