Monday, May 2, 2011

Podcasting for Writers Workshop

I'm excited to report that I'll be delivering the inaugural Writers on the Move Workshop. If you've always wanted to have your own radio show, or just want to know what a podcast is, and how to use it to promote your own work, then you're invited to join me to learn about Podcasting for Writers!  The workshop will be a LIVE hour long chat format, scheduled for May 16 at 7pm US EST. 

There is no charge for the workshop, but you will need to register. Please send an email to me at: so I can send you a password, attendance link, and workbook. 

A bit about the workshop:

The simplest definition of a podcast is just a recorded radio show and I will provide the information you need to get your podcast up and running. I’ll define what a podcast is and the many different ways you can either do a single podcast, or start your own “radio show” or even syndication with recorded podcasts.
This will be a very informative workshop for writers who want to bring their books and/or services to a larger audience. If you’re blogging now, the next step is to create podcasts and I can show you how.  It's time to take your promotions to the next level.  I'll look forward to you joining me! 

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